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  • “Otto Filari” Dogliani Docg 2019
    “Otto Filari” Dogliani Docg 2019
    It is obtained from the most recently planted vineyards of the farm. The harvest is made by hand in the second half of September. The stalk removal-pressing of the grapes (100%dolcetto) follow and a must fermentation at a controlled temperature, with frequent pumpovers per day. Malolactic fermentation completed, the Otto Filari matures in steel vats until ...
  • “Autin Lungh” Dogliani Docg 2019
    “Autin Lungh” Dogliani Docg 2019
    This wine is made entirely with Dolcetto grapes from the "Autin Lungh" sorì, a characteristic traditional vineyard that owes its name to its unusually long ("Lungh") grape rows.
  • “San Matteo” Dogliani Superiore Docg 2019
    “San Matteo” Dogliani Superiore Docg 2019
    It is the very cru. It is named after the 100 years old San Matteo church facing the Farm oldest vineyard.
  • “La Basarisca” Langhe Barbera Doc 2018
    “La Basarisca” Langhe Barbera Doc 2018
    La Basarisca is made with a fine selection of Barbera, mildly blended with  Dolcetto grapes. The harvest takes place the first ten days of October, when the prevailing grape gives its best, reaching the optimal degree of ripeness. It is the result of careful grape selection and meticulous winemaking process, followed by a period of ...

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