The Eraldo Revelli family farm, located in South Piedmont, is deeply immersed within the quiet and verdant hills of Langhe, in the enchanting surroundings of Belvedere Langhe – just a few miles from Dogliani.

The marl and clay of the soil and the sun-beaten exposures cherished by the Mediterranean sea breezes offer an environment and an ideal microclimate for the growth of Dolcetto and Barbera, vines that produce grapes with great potential here.

The history

The farm, started by Eraldo’s father in 1930, is now the third generation of winegrowers and keeps the same pride and passion in the pursuit of a better and better wine quality and excellence of achievements.ipment.

Eraldo, studies concluded, did not resist the call of the earth and decides to join his father and brother Secondino in the management of family assets.

The prospect of a huge redevelopment work to be undertaken and the need to make economic and emotional resources not indifferent do not affect his choice, which founds its roots in a solid foundation of love and trust.

In 1974, he married Luigina who, despite never having had experience in terms of vineyards, chooses to learn the art and, in short, become proficient and experienced as an autochthonous.

Shortly after his first daughter was born: years of effort and work, fueled by big dreams … Claudia was born in 1980 that today has become a generational change, and the future of the company. After graduating, in fact, turns out to want to continue the tradition of the house and she has started, since 2000, a new business revitalization plan that foresaw the replanting of vines, wine cellar renovation and modernization of equipment