How We Work

..constant pursuit of excellence..

The company’s vineyards, all owned, extend over an area of 18 acres (seven hectares). Nature mainly marl and clay soil of the land of Pianbosco and beautiful exhibitions jokes from the sun and dry by sea breezes, offer an environment and an ideal microclimate for vine Dolcetto.

What makes a wine unique, however, is also very from the impression of man … The vineyard, in fact, require almost constant attention, starting from January, the month of October, pruning, harvest time.

We each work inherent in the lives is done strictly by hand, combining the ancient cultivation methods with the latest innovations in the agronomic field, in absolute respect for the environment.

We accompany the grassing technique to mechanical vegetation control and, as regards health, phyto-defense we opted for the system of pest, flanked by traditional sulphur-based treatments and copper sulphate.

To give the wine concentration and low yields are required, they are planned and appropriate pruning court are made, suckering during the year and carefully selected at the time of harvest.

The grapes, harvest at ideal ripeness, is vinified in the winery, where experienced oenological methods and new technologies come together in order to give to all their potential clusters.

Vinification shall be accurate, controlled fermentation and several rackings in order to give the finished product cleanliness, clarity and brilliance.

It is not necessary, however, to refer to refrigeration wine filtration in order not to affect the subtlety of perfumes or altering the delicacy of flavor.

Maturation begins in stainless steel vats, the evolution of taste continues into the wood of the casks and concludes with a bottle ageing, Thermo-regulated environment, for a period of two to three months.

It may seem strange but the poem that gives the us a taste, perhaps, can be fully carpita, only if you know even these most prosaic … Natural rhythms that mark the times and ways, the difficulties of the Earth, the repetition of gestures whisper read keys.

The company’s philosophy

The goal of our company is to offer quality wines increasingly late, in the protection of his identity and the exaltation of unique flavours and scents, which are witnesses of a territory and of a culture.

We choose to leave our Cupcakes their typical features, by rejecting the street of approval and international taste.

We cultivate the natural diversity means valuing wines produced by ancient origins, to respect the authenticity and allow consumers to express and meet demands of taste and different drinking styles.

We tend, moreover, to the extent possible, to combine quality with a reasonable pricing policy that encourages consumers, including young people, to approach the world of wine.