Vintage 2022 Langhe Barbera DOC "La Basarisca"


Tasting Notes

La Basarisca is made with a fine selection of Barbera, mildly blended with  Dolcetto grapes. The harvest takes place the first ten days of October, when the prevailing grape gives its best, reaching the optimal degree of ripeness.

It is the result of careful grape selection and meticulous winemaking process, followed by a period of slow maturation in fine woods.

Refinement, made with art and balance, can give hints of austerity and softness while maintaining, at the same time, the freshness and the peculiarity of the vine.

Deep garnet red, the olfactory examination is fine and mellow, with fruity and vanilla aromas of fine definition. It has a  pleasantly full, generous, important round taste.



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